My Second Trimester

My first trimester was defined by anxiety and feeling exhausted all the time. My second trimester was all about change. So many changes in my body and my mentality. And I had my energy back, hallelujah!14 weeks(P.S. that pregnancy pillow in the photo totally does not work for me. I know some people can’t live without it, but mine was a total waste of money.) I got to share the news of my pregnancy with everyone at work on the week of my birthday, and then I officially Instagrammed it a week later on Halloween. 16 weeksMy belly started to really grow around Week 16 and it hasn’t slowed down since. I really enjoyed being finally publicly pregnant and talking with my co-workers and acquaintances about all things baby and child-raising. I was a mix of emotions though. Happy one moment, then really freaked out the next about how my life and body would never be the same. I waited patiently to start feeling the baby kick. 18 weeksThe kicks finally came at 20 weeks. At first they felt like little flutters in my stomach, then while watching The Hunger Games in the theatre, I felt a firm kick, grabbed Russell’s hand, and he confirmed he could feel it too. That was a pretty exciting moment. Now Baby Satski is always on the move; he’s really active. Sometimes I can see my whole stomach shift as he moves from one side to the other. There’s always so much to think about. I spent hours (so many hours!) on my registry, wading through all the products and reviews.  We’re always talking about what Baby Satski will be like. Will he be tall? What sports will he play? Will he be an introvert or an extrovert? I’m planning for a big co-ed baby shower with Russell’s parents and cousins who are graciously hosting us. I’m slammed at work preparing for taking 12 weeks off.  And I’m constantly worrying about the sleep deprivation to come, oh and the whole taking care of a fragile human being thing. 21 weeksAt the halfway mark, I was feeling really good. I was still running, going to yoga, feeling really energized. We had a minor scare at our ultrasound when they thought they saw too much fluid in one of the baby’s kidneys. After an anxious weekend and second ultrasound, results came back normal. I had my first prenatal massage and had my first night of deep sleep without tossing and turning in weeks. I’ll be pampering myself at least once a month with these glorious massages.  Being pregnant during the holidays was a lot of fun (minus the not being able to drink part.) It was a great time to celebrate with family and over-eat without too much guilt. 26 Weeks 2The weeks of a pretty easy pregnancy eventually caught up to me by Week 26 when a major back strain completely wiped me out. I woke up one morning in excruciating pain and couldn’t walk. I got halfway dressed for work before calling mercy and taking a sick day. I could only afford a day of rest though and was back at work the next day. It took a week to get back to normal. In the meantime, I hobbled around very slowly, bent in half. I tried acupuncture, ice, Tylenol, Epsom salt baths. In the end, I think it was the baths and time that saved me. Ever since I’ve had achiness in my lower back that will probably last throughout the pregnancy. I don’t have access to my ab muscles anymore so my back is taking all the strain.  I’m wearing a back brace, being a lot more careful with my body and taking regular salt baths, but sitting for 8+ hours a day at work and traveling for sales calls is difficult. But the good news is that the baby is growing leaps and bounds. Russell calls my belly a beautiful miracle. And we’re getting closer and closer to finally meeting our son. I’m so excited to be in my 3rd trimester now, trying to appreciate every moment and not panic about the actual impending delivery process.

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1st Trimester

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