Baby Satski at One Month

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Baby Satksi is officially one month old! And what a month it’s been. He’s slowly getting used to being in this world, and I’m slowly getting used to having my life completely turned upside down. Here are some highlights of this past month.

Big Boy: Weighing in at 12 pounds 12 ounces and measuring 23 inches, he’s in the 90-95 percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height. He outgrew his newborn diapers in less than 2 weeks and is now wearing 3 month old clothing. We’ve started calling him Sumo for his big cheeks and tummy. We hope this means he grows to be a tall, strong man one day.

0-100: He’s definitely not a chill baby. He lets you know, loudly, when he’s unhappy, and it can go from 0 to 100 real quick. Meaning he’ll be perfectly happy one minute then angry crying the next. He has some fire to him. Maybe it’s the Aries in him.  That being said, he’s also easily soothed and stops crying as soon as he’s content. Some ways we’ve learned to stop him from crying: bouncing on a yoga ball, pretending he’s a machine gun, swaddling him tightly and shushing in his ear (thanks Dr. Karp), holding and swaying him in figure 8s, running up the stairs with him, walking circles around the kitchen and up and down the hallway.

Sleeping: He sleeps about 16-20 hours a day but wakes up every 1-3 hours. Which means I haven’t slept more than 3 consecutive hours in over a month. It’s like being on a red-eye flight where you can’t find a comfortable sleeping position and you land feeling groggy and exhausted. That’s my life every day. In the beginning he had his days and nights reversed so he’d sleep deeply all day but be up from 12-4 AM, crying inconsolably. And the only way he could sleep was on my chest while I was holding him. It was terrible, but then it got better. Now he goes down around 8, wakes up at 11, 1, and 4. And he can sleep by himself in a rock ‘n play. He’s still not a fan of sleeping flat on his back, but we’ve recently discovered he’ll do it if his feet are propped up. If I’m feeling up to it, we’ll start the day at 7, but more likely I’ll put us back to bed and try again at 10. Then the day just continues in a constant cycle of feeding, burping, changing, playing, putting back to sleep, and frantically trying to get things done/eating meals for myself in between the naps. His favorite sleeping position is with both his hands up framing his face.IMG_4298IMG_4095IMG_4184

Breastfeeding: I had some anxieties about breastfeeding – that I wouldn’t be able to produce or help him latch on correctly – but he’s been a confident and healthy eater since day one. Though it’s sometimes a pain, I love being close to baby in this way and it’s really helped my maternal instincts kick in (and brought me to less than 10 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight). Now I worry that he’s eating TOO much.

Bottle Feeding: Russell started bottle feeding breast milk to baby once every other day starting at two weeks. It’s a great way for dad to be involved in feedings but it sure is harder than just giving him the boob. We haven’t yet mastered the timing, so the bottle’s still warming while baby’s screaming for food and then he gulps it all down so fast that he isn’t satisfied at the end. We’re trying to get him used to the bottle since he’ll have to wean once I go back to work. Next big decision/transition is formula, though I’m pumping every day to store up for the coming months. IMG_4202IMG_4206

Bath Time: The first few attempts were stressful and traumatic for all of us. Though he still sometimes struggles against them, you can tell he likes being in the water. He just gets scared and ends up crying a lot. But he’s totally blissed out afterwards when he’s being towel-dried and feeling so fresh and so clean. Bathing is another one of Russell’s jobs, and he’s so good at them. IMG_4088

Diaper Changing: He screamed bloody murder for the first few days every time we changed his diaper. He’s gotten much better since but still fusses occasionally. And sometimes pees/poos mid-change. We’ve gone through so, so many diapers. We’ve also tried multiple brands: Pampers, Huggies, and Honest. Huggies seem to fit the best right now, but the Honest ones are so much cuter.

My Mom: My mom stayed with us for 3 weeks and she was a life-saver. She cooked all our meals, forced me to take naps, and helped ease our transition to parenthood. She had a special touch with the baby too and could get him to stop crying and nap with her magic ways. We sure miss her around here! My mother-in-law has been a huge help as well. She’s come over in the afternoon to watch baby so I can take a nap and brought us warm meals. I’m incredibly lucky to have so much support. DSC_8981

Baby Acne: At around 3 weeks old, baby started to suddenly break out with acne. I googled around and found out it’s very common in newborns and may be due to hormones and exposure to harsh fabrics/chemicals. It breaks my heart to see his red face, neck and head. Good news is that it should go away in a few months. I’ve been breaking out more than usual as well.

Sounds:  He hiccups, grunts, squawks, and passes gas. It’s surprising how loud this little creature can be! IMG_4192

Extracurricular Activities: When he’s not sleeping or crying, baby likes to look outside the window towards the light and trees, stare intently at mom and dad, go on short walks around the neighborhood, do baby yoga to release gas, have his toes massaged, tolerates tummy time for short periods, and look cute for crazy mommy who can’t stop taking pictures.

Some More Favorite Moments From this Month: PicMonkey Collage



10 thoughts on “Baby Satski at One Month

  1. My arms are SO sore today, and I was confused because I didn’t work out yesterday. And then I remembered: HARLEM! Holding him for those few minutes was such a workout!

  2. You’re doing a great job, little family!!! I sure remember all those early days and can so relate to everything you’ve shared. Every day felt so long to me in the beginning, but I can’t believe now that my oldest just turned 10!

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